Monday, September 7, 2009


by Barry S. (NWM staff writer)

I heard about nana technology on the radio. I know you're thinking – nano dummy. But this is nana like nana and papa--technology for us senior citizens. Apparently senior citizens need special technology like an application to remind someone to take his pills. How insulting is that! Do you hear about teenage technology or Gen-X/Y technology? No. And how many senior citizens would like going to the store to ask for special technology for the old age set? Not many. I would not be surprised if there are plenty of senior citizens who can handle any technology. This is just plain old age discrimination spoon fed to us from the YOUNGER MAN!

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  1. While you may not need this technology, many elder people do. It has been very helpful in many assisted living and independent living facilities, and also for seniors that would like to stay at home but need a little extra help to do so.
    This "nanatechnology" has been a breakthrough in helping caregivers when dealing with patients with dementia, as well.
    Like I said before, you may not need this technology right now, but some people do. And you may need it one day, as I'm sure I will.


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