Tuesday, September 1, 2009


WARNING: NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH! Snot Rocket is one of those films you can’t watch, but can’t look away! A torturous tour-de-force. On a positive note, the 1minute directorial debut of Billy Fesner (grade 7) is definitely one of the more popular offerings on ebaumsworld. It also has a decent showing on YouTube (34K plus). I feel part of the credit goes to not just the disturbing subject matter, but also the cinematography. A lot of times, these face plant or disgust-O films suffer from shaky or shoddy camera work. Usually, you can barely make out what’s so shocking or hilarious. Billy here, makes a wise decision to film the whole picture with a stationary cam. No close ups or camera effects. Instead he lets the actor play with the audience and radiate his own brand of intensity. Snot Rocket to me, is one of those sophomoric comedies that’s easily forgettable. Though if not for some gutsy shot choices from a maverick director, it would’ve been completely unwatchable!

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