Friday, October 23, 2009


With all the high tech toys out there, kids today don’t need to put their imaginations on overtime at all. Especially when it comes to the Lucas-level CG graphics in video games. I mean it's not like back in the day when you had to deal with 2 bit Atari 2600 art. In fact, back then what got you to plunk down $30 bucks wasn’t just the game itself. Back-story played a HUGE part. So much so that a comic book was usually included with the cartridges. Here's are 3 of those basic story plots...


You’re a space pilot in the distant future of 2002. Your space shuttle has come up against a mysterious force field dead ahead. Will you give up and return to earth? Or use your lasers to blast forward, and destroy these alien cosmic layers.


You are Yar. An insect creature given the daunting task of avenging your recently destroyed home world (Razak IV). The enemy you have sworn to kill – the evil Qotile.

Trivia: The planet is actually named after then Atari CEO – Ray Kassar.

PITFALL! (1982):

You are Pitfall Harry, famed explorer. Recently you have found a mysterious city with treachery around every corner and passageway. If you can make it through all the hidden dangers alive, you will be rewarded with the ancient treasures from this lost civilization.

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