Sunday, October 18, 2009


Even if you hopped your kid on 80,000 CCs of sugar (5 pieces of Halloween candy) and released him or her into Disneyland, you still wouldn’t be able to see everything. And Walt wants it that way. See while The Mouse Master designed Disneyland to be this magical place to enchant boys and girls, he also was a shrewd business guy. And in business there are always clients – big sponsors with money and power. Important suits that don’t want to talk brass tax while waiting in a 3 hour line for Space Mountain. Which is why ol’ Walt created Club 33. A super exclusive club right in Disneyland park (in New Orleans square). Mr. Disney oversaw the plans and everything. He called it Club 33 as a tribute to the original 33 sponsors of Disneyland. Unfortunately, he died in 1966, before Club 33’s debut. Still it does exist even today. Here are 5 more C33 facts…

Club 33 is the ONLY place in Disneyland that serves alcohol.

Today there are 400 Club 33 members.

Right now there’s a 5year waiting list and dues have been raised from 1 grand to upwards of 20 grand.

Members are granted access to Walt’s personal luxury train car The Lilly Belle.

Club 33 has all kinds of exclusive high-end merchandise for their guests (scarves, shirts, bags, jackets, etc.)

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