Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Todd (St. Francis School / class of ’78):

If we were caught swearing or taking the Lord's name in vain we were sent packing to Sister Morales. She was the one who’d use the paddle on us. Supposedly SM used to carry a pointer stick, but it broke on some kid's behind. 10 whacks was usually standard. On the plus side, detention never lasted more than 12 minutes.

Ronald (Saint Joseph’s Academy / class of ’82):

We were pretty much put to work for our detentions. They’d have us guilty ones come in on a Saturday (which always seemed to be sunny). We'd then spend hours cleaning the erasers and chalkboards, plus emptying the trash buckets. Friar Greg watched us the whole time making sure we didn’t make a peep or a snicker.

Dave (St. Williams / class of ’83):

We used to get detention for odd stuff, like using a pen in class or if our uniform was messed up. Father Jacob would dispense the punishments. Usually he’d start with a rap on the knuckles (the man was a ninja with a ruler). Then Father J. would have us write our “shortcoming du jour” on the blackboard about a zillion times (or 100). I will not be tardy to class. I will not be tardy to class. I will not...

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