Tuesday, October 20, 2009


by Biz-Boy (NWM Staff Writer)

I admit it. I’m a dribbler, and anyone who says they haven’t dribbled is an absolute liar!!! And ladies, by dribbler I don’t mean anything associated with basketball. I’m talking the true meaning for guys. When you’re at the bathroom urninal and think you’re done. Then as you close up shop and put the little guy back in the barn – he spits up a bit more yellow liquid on your fine kakis. The result, a line of dribble originated from the crotch area ­– hence the term. For this reason alone I never ever wear anything tucked into my pants. Well that, and the fact I’m slightly paunchy and very, very short. Tucking in makes me look like a fully clothed circle. Anyway, for those who suffer here are 2 forms of prevention…

#1 – Use a stall instead of a urinal. Then when you’re done, tissue off the excess liquid. Discard. Flush. Done.

#2 – If you are using the urinal, stick around a couple of seconds after you think you’re completely finished. Then give it a little shake off. You should be good to go.



I do what’s called the Exploding Sink Technique. I sprinkle water on other parts of my pants. So now I have wet marks all over the place. When I walk out of the bathroom I simply tell people the sink accidentally sprayed all over me. Usually works once or twice per month. Though it should be saved for severe dribble situations. Un-tucking the shirt is still the preferred cover-up method.

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