Thursday, October 15, 2009


by Biz-Boy (NWM Staff Writer)

I AM NOT SEXIST! Totally for women’s equal rights in the workplace. If a woman is right for the job, then she deserves to be fairly compensated, just like men. I just feel that women (at least at my job) want to close the market on this PMS racket. Again, I totally understand the ill-effects that menstruating can have on a female. So much so, that I up my respectful-ness during those times of the month. All I’m saying is we (guys) too deserve the same consideration. Men are plagued with a similar physical and mental burden called IMS (Irritable Male Syndrome). It’s totally real – got a Wiki post and everything. Here are the facts about IMS…

In the animal kingdom IMS usually occurs soon after mating season.

Primarily caused by a drop in testosterone.

Causes hormonal, physiological, and chemical changes.

Effects men at all stages of life.

Symptoms are sudden mood swings, irritability and withdrawing from social interaction.

Legitimate author speaks out about IMS…

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