Saturday, October 17, 2009


In the '80s Joseph Enterprises' ingenious scientists created the very first plant, kitschy collectible hybrid – The Chia Pet. Thanks to a mind-numbing jingle “Chi, Chi, Chia,” this plant pet was catapulted to super-brand stardom. Over the years the Chia Pet’s family has grown to include not just the original ram, but also a herd of other animals and even an alarm clock. Recently Chia has expanded to the licensed arena offering characters from Looney Toons, Hanna Barbera and the Simpsons.

Sadly, even a lovable “as seen on TV” product isn’t above controversy. In April of 2009 they released Chia Obama. Soon after, stores like Walgreens pulled it from their shelves. They claimed that the CO could be construed as racist. Still Chia Pet has weathered the storm and will survive to grow a new batch of characters. Chia Cheney?

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