Monday, October 19, 2009


by Biz-Boy (NWM Staff Writer)

One thing this current recession-laced economy hasn’t squashed in the finance industry – the love for senseless status meetings. No matter where my boss is in the country, he has an absolute mad on for calling impromptu status calls. Usually he’ll get a bunch of us juniors huddled by a phone speaker in some meeting room. Then for the next hour (or three) we listen to him yammer on about deals he’s close to closing. After, he’ll dispense a litany of useless support stuff we need to do to help him nail said deals. Used to be the worst part of my job. Now it’s the only thing I look forward to, thanks to a little known game called BOSS BINGO. Here’s how it’s played…

Before the game, everyone kicks in X number of dollars (nothing’s fun unless there’s some financial reward).

Next, hand out official BOSS BINGO cards to all players.

BB cards consist of 16 boxes filled with catch phrases your boss usually says. 


  • Let’s circle back
  • This is A-game time
  • Got no room for error

Once the conference call starts, the game is officially on!

The first person to get 4 in a row (vertically, horizontally or diagonally) wins the cash.

PLEASE NOTE: Game must only be played when the boss is calling in, and NO senior members are in the room. 

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