Friday, October 23, 2009


by Joshen McEwen (NWM Staff Writer)

I remembered a little bit of information that used to float around middle school. “Oh don’t worry if you’re lost in the desert just drink your pee. It’s sterile” Now while you can drink urine (most likely you would barf) it has absolutely no nutritional value. Urine is waste and is meant to be excreted, or so I was taught. So remembering along the lines that urine is sterile I once again through the wonder which is Google, went in search of things I can do with urine. That’s when I stumbled across Turns out this holistic alternative medicine site claims that drinking urine is the cure all for any ailment imaginable, even AIDS. Now this is a big jump from the whole waste thing. Apparently we all hold the cure to what ails the world in the palm of our hands, south, towards the belt. The page claims that medical research is proving this every day, but I still haven’t heard any of this. If you’re not too keen on the whole drinking urine thing, add some water to the mix to dilute the urine and go fertilize the lawn and the plants. It’ll save you a few bucks, and people wont be repulsed at the thought of kissing you. Cheers!

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