Friday, September 4, 2009


What do you get when you combine lots of alcohol, a flammable substance and a motorized piece of vinyl? Labor day with the BBQ Donut. From Austria (the country that brought you Freudian slips and Pez), comes the grill that floats. The BBQ Donut is essentially a motorized tube boat with a bbq jammed right in the middle. Looks kinda like that Roaring Rapids ride at Great Adventure.

Noteworthy stats include:

  • Comfortably seats 12.
  • 8 storage compartments.
  • Ergonomically-formed seating
  • Grill table top
  • Grill shield

PLUS, get your BBQ boat branded with logos like McDonalds, Bacardi, Heineken and Audi. Probably an Austrian thing.

Check out the BBQ Donut in action…

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