Friday, September 4, 2009


If you thought Major League Eating was only reserved for the 4th of July, think again. Granted you won’t see Joey Chestnut and co. scarfing down dogs. However, you might see him eating other things at 1 of the 6 competitive contests going on this Labor Day weekend:

9/4/09 – Kolache Factory World Kolache Eating Championship: A Kolache is a pastry that originated from the Czech republic. Kinda looks like a cross between a prune Danish and a Hamentashen (Jewish cookie with fruit in it). However, these are filled with sausage and cheese. Yum. Prize money up for grabs: 10K. Location: Houston, TX.

9/5/09 – 9/6/09 U.S. Buffalo Wing Eating Championship & Buffet Bowl: A double dose of M.L.E. for Buffalonians. Wings & buffet eating (buffalo staples like chicken fingers, wings, chili dogs, etc.) Will Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas regain her crown for a 3rd time in a row for both events? Stay tuned. Total purse: $4,300.

9/6/09 - Five Spot's Famous Philly CheeseSteak Fest: Straight out of Brooklyn, NY (if that makes sense). Takes place at Five Spot on Myrtle Ave. Competitors have 10 minutes to chow down on cheesesteaks. Winner gets $1000.

9/7/2009 – Krystal Square Off Qualifier: Krystal Burgers are of Slider stature (a lot like White Castle). This event is open to the Jacksonville, FL public. Winner gets 50K, and an invitation to the Big Beefy Dance on September 27th.

9/07/2009 – Kings Island Skyline Chili Spaghetti Eating Championship: Weird to some, a delicacy to the folks of Ohio. Last year, Humble Bob beat out Joey Chestnut by eating a whopping 13.5 lbs of pasta and chili. Now he’s back for another shot at 5K.

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