Saturday, October 10, 2009


by Barry S. (NWM Staff Writer)

I see the future in media and I don't like it. The NY Times reports that this new 3D TV tech will be available soon-ish. It will be high-def and wide screen but manufacturers can't avoid the one problem 3-D always had: those gooofy glasses. And while we would expect the TVs to be pricey (Panasonic has a 50-inch model for $2,000) those glasses will be pricey too--$50 a pair. If you want to buy a batch for your family it will cost more than a small HD TV. Good luck with that! But here's something even wilder: mega-screens that broadcast 8 shows at once. Toshiba has a TV that can display 8 windows at once and can even record all 8 channels non-stop for 26 hours. Don't get your credit card yet, it costs about $11,000. But here's the result of all this: terminal couch-potato-itis. I don't like it, and neither should you!

Check out the 3D TV at one of those crowded convention shows.

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