Thursday, October 8, 2009


by Jani Ogglin (NWM Staff Writer)

The nude thing is probably one of the most common dreams on the planet. That’s the one where you either go to the office, class or even a party in the buffo. The odd part is no one seems to care. Meanwhile you’re completely mortified, scrambling to find any article of clothing. I’m usually looking for a scarf for some reason. So what’s the meaning?

SOMEONE’S GOT A SECRET: Most couch docs will tell you, that you’re hiding something. And above all, you are deathly afraid of these true feelings being revealed to your close friends and family.

SURPRISE: Another common interpretation is the simple fear of being unprepared. A lot of times this dream will occur right before a big presentation or test. The fear of failing is so overwhelming it seeps into your subconscious realm.

A POSITIVE SPIN: Some people dream they are nude in a public place, but have zero problems with it. That can simply mean that you are a person that is all about freedom and openness. With my lack of cardio lately, sadly I WILL never ever have to worry about this one.

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  1. Being nude in your dream can also reflect a desire to not have adult responsibilities and not to have to worry about conforming to society's rules. It's the nudity of an innocent baby.

    Nudity in dream can also be a symbol of vulnerability.



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