Friday, October 2, 2009


FlashFoward premiered on ABC last week. It marks the American Broadcasting Company's umpteenth time at bat to come up with a 2nd success in the “Lost” genre. Looks like they might’ve gotten their wish. As far as pilots go, FF has faired pretty strong in the ratings department. They also dished out a decent-sized surprise cameo. An FBI guy played by one Mister Seth MacFarlane – creator and voice-master for the Family Guy. Turns out he’s good buddies with the FlashForward’s creator – Brannon Braga (Star trek / 24 fame). I caught the episode, and actually thought Seth did well in “serious action-drama” land. Though, I have to admit his delivery was a bit Brian Griffin (see video below). As far as Seth’s future with the show, the producers are already planning up future pop-ins. Definitely gives ABC one more reason to grant a season 2 to this quirky new series.

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