Sunday, October 11, 2009


by Joshen McEwen (NWM Staff Writer)

In all my time gaming, I have noticed a trend that has held true for me year after year. I can sit down and game for hours on end. During these intense gaming sessions, I almost never ever feel hunger. My favorite games are never interrupted by any type of stomach pains. Upon completion of major gaming sessions I am almost immediately pulled back to reality and my stomach lets me know, “hey dummy, you freaking need food to live.” I notice the phenomenon , brought it up to my friends multiple times who usually respond with along the lines of “Yeah, I never get hungry till after. Can't feel hunger and fun.” Now as the imperial lord of nerds I have turned to science to find an answer. Through a well placed Google montage I have come up with an answer. The sensation of hunger is caused by the hormone Ghrelin. The stomach is the center of this hormonal release. So the stomach releases Ghrelin, bim bam boom the body does it’s thing – signals get to the brain and you head to the refrigerator. Now during gaming, the stimuli received through the intense nature of gaming, cause the body to release the hormone adrenalin, which we attribute to mothers lifting cars, and super human reflexes and the sort. That adrenalin can also trigger the release of Endorphins, the happy hormone. Now with adrenalin and Endorphins in the system one can assume that old Ghrelin takes a backseat so that more kick ass hormones may be received. There you have it, mystery possibly solved.

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