Thursday, October 1, 2009


What gets me is the lengthy, detailed reasoning in the answer. Guess Seagal fans bruise easily when it comes to harsh questions.


Question -

Who can beat Steven Seagul in a fight?

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Gosh, you people are all such horses asses. Steven Seagal is a very accomplished Aiki-doka. His martial arts skills are legitimate. He studied in Japan for many years. Chuck Norris studied martial arts for about a year before he was "given" a black belt. Any knowledgeable martial artist can watch a film like Above the Law and see that Seagal's techiniques are quite real, whereas all Chuck Norris ever does in his films are basic punches and kicks that anyone could learn in 4-5 weeks.

Bruce Lee, on the other hand, was a great and legitimate martial artist, but in their primes, Seagal probably outsizes him by 75 lbs and and over a foot in height and probably 6+ inches in reach, so I'd put my money on Seagal.

Also, Seagal could probably buy and sell all of you 10 times over, so he'd probably just pay someone to kick all your butts.

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