Sunday, September 6, 2009


by Eddie Winkle (NWM Staff Writer)

Pico Kosher Deli in LA. I got this from a pretty reliable source. A girlfriend of mine that lives out on the west coast. Let’s call her Ellen Lipshitz for argument sake. She’s been dating this guy on and off. Let’s just say his name is Sheldon Goldschmidt, and he’s in rabbinical school. Personally, I think they make a very cute couple. A little flighty together, but who isn't these days. Anyway, she says that their favorite place for deli in LA is Pico’s. Ellen swears they’ve got the leanest corned beef, and pastrami you’d kaplatz over. She also told me that they have indeed spotted none other than Paris Hilton there on occasion. Usually she’s in the back corner with a guy or gal pal. Right underneath the black and white (autographed) photo of Jerry Orbach. Ellen also says that Ms. Paris is a creature of habit. Every time she’s there she orders the same thing – chicken matzo ball soup, with a square potato knish and an open-faced turkey sandwich (gravy on the side). Paris does however, change up her drink order. Sometimes she’ll go for seltzer with lime. While other times it’s a Dr. Brown’s Cream soda. No word on what her dog Tinkerbell eats. Ellen also said she saw Pauly Shore once, picking up take out.

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