Friday, October 9, 2009


His name is Charlie, but everyone who knows him best calls him CJ. During the off-season he works construction. However come April, CJ works the dawg route at a major league NY ballpark. He’s been a hot dog vendor for 3 seasons. Here are his six questions.

So do you get a commission or is it just a straight salary? Actually it’s a bit of both. We’re on the books as a salaried employee, but we also make 13-16% commission on each dog we deal out.

How much can a top dog seller make per season? The good ones could bring in as much as 30K, but they gotta hustle.

What’s the most hot dogs you’ve ever sold in one game? I’d probably say about 161. My average is more like in the 140s.

So do you get good exercise lugging that hot dog case around? It weighs about 40lbs, I’m climbing stadium stairs – so yeah I’m getting my cardio and strength training in each and every gameday.

Did you ever catch a foul ball? No, but I got knocked over by a guy who did. Lost about 6 hot dogs that day.

What’s the most best and worst part of the job? Seeing the games for free and bun splitting.

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