Sunday, October 4, 2009


by Greg Colfaz (NWM Staff Reporter)

A big “hey” from Cottonwood, Idaho. Well, it took close to a decade, but someone finally put the big one and one together. In 2006, entrepreneurs Glen Head and Douglas Farrell trademarked Alec Baldwin’s classic dessert name “Schwetty balls®.” Technically it was Schweddy balls, but it’s close enough for the joke to work. The two were actually surprised no one trademarked the name before them. Yet here Glen and Douglas are 3 years later, still doing well in the golf ball biz. Adding to the humor, the site offers Schwetty® blue balls and Schwetty® balls sack. Aside from the gimmick gift angle, the golf balls are actually pretty good. Most customers gave ‘em rave reviews. And the PGA voted Schwetty® Balls the best new golf product at the 2006 Fall Expo.

Watch Glen Head rave about his Schwetty® Balls…

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