Friday, October 9, 2009


Snacking on frozen candy bars was my favorite pastime as a kid (and by kid I mean 32 yr. old). The quintessential trick to creating this perfect treat is in the freezing process. The golden rule is you gotta stick the bars in the freezer at the very least an entire night. Optimal is around 3 months. Don’t listen to anyone that tells you a specific measurement of time like one or two hours. If you take the bar out too early you get something that's cold, but still chewy. REALLY BAD for the teeth and fillings. A good indicator if it’s correctly frozen is when you smash it. The bar should bust into pieces. Sorta like the bad Terminator in T2 when he got frozen and shattered. As far as choice of candy goes, these are my personal picks and avoids…

1- Milky Way (Milky Way Midnight): Nougat, caramel and chocolate in solid form can’t be beat.

2 - 3 Musketeers: The fluffy chocolate filling frozen has an even sweeter taste.

3 - Snickers: See Milky Way comment.

4 - Twix: Surprisingly the cookie still keeps its sweet buttery flavor even frozen, and with ice-cold caramel – win, win.

Personally not a frozen fan of ...

1 - Butterfinger: It’s a bit too crumbly, even after being frozen.

2 - Mounds: Coconut doesn’t translate very well in frozen form.

3 - Charleston Chew: Not sure they even make this vanilla nougat bar anymore, but for the record that sucker took forever to freeze.  

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