Monday, October 5, 2009


Apparently Fun Dip is being not so fun with its fans. For those who forgot or became an adult, Fun Dip falls into that “pixie stick, powdered treat” candy category. It consists of 3 packets of fruity flavors. The most popular are cherry, grape and raspberry/apple. Each Fun Dip kit also includes candy sticks called Lik-A-Stix. These edible utensils are used to enjoy the flavored powder. Simple. Delicious. Unfortunately, a controversy rages over the exact amount of stix included, 2. The opposition claims that this is outrageous. With only 2 Lik-A-Stix you have no way of enjoying all 3 flavors by themselves – in their purest form. 2 stix causes you to mix. Nestle (producers of Fun Dip) has had no comment on the matter. This has in no way stopped the will of the people. In fact, Fun Dip Fans have recently united to create an open letter of protest to Nestle. To date, they have 666 signatures. If you too want to witness the dawn of a new day with 3 stix in Fun Dip packs – click here.

A Fun Dip inspired hip-hop song, I think.

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