Monday, October 5, 2009


by Jani Ogglin (NWM Staff Writer)

In an effort to up my cardio quotient for the day I now walk home from work. It’s a little over a mile. My “creature of habit” like instincts cause me to take the same route home every day. Needless to say I’m getting pretty used to all the storefronts I pass. One of which is Anya’s Live Psychic Readings. I usually see her (Anya) sitting there just stroking her cat. On Thursdays she’s with a friend, enjoying take out – always Chinese food. A thousand questions usually pop in my head about Madam Anya as I pass. How does she make a living? Who are her clients? But, I’d have to say the one that rises to the top time and time again, is how she gets her crystal ball? Was it willed to her by a freaky grandmother with that one white eye? Is there a small, smoky store with lots of beeds and mogwai? Does the stuff she buys need to be blessed by a gypsy? Sorta like a Rabbi blessing Kosher beef. After my date with google I did find psychic supplies are a biz just like anything else. There are a bunch of brick and mortar and online store listings. One of the big ones is It’s a pretty no-nonsense site, with a huge selection of enchanted chotchkies. They have like a zillion crystal balls to choose from with prices in the $10 to $20 range. Plus, they got the other stuff like gems, and cosmic trinkets. So now that I know where they get the stuff, it still didn’t answer the other half of my nagging questiom. How does a psychic choose a ball? Here’s what eHow had to say?

Rule #1: Before touching the crystal balls, stand back and just look at them. See if any of them “call” to you. You should feel drawn to your crystal ball, but this is a difficult feeling to explain.


Rule #2: Touch and pick up the crystal balls that have called you. If possible, hold each crystal ball in your hands, close your eyes and meditate with it for a few minutes. Feel its energy.


Rule #3: Choose the right size. In general, the bigger the crystal ball, the easier scrying (crystal gazing) will be for you.


Rule #4: Examine the clarity of the crystal. Most natural crystals contain bubbles and imperfections within the ball. Psychics, however, disagree on whether imperfections are a hindrance to scrying. Some psychics prefer a totally clear, flawless ball because they feel it brings them the clearest visions. Others consider a flawless ball to be somewhat dead.


Rule #5: Choose the proper stand for your crystal ball. Many come with a standard little wooden stand, or you can purchase one separately. Make sure the stand fits the crystal ball. If you do not have a stand for your crystal ball, it will roll around and distract you from your visions.

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