Thursday, October 8, 2009


By bare back I mean, sitting on a toilet with zero protection at all. No hypoallergenic cover, no tissues, nada. Personally I like the way it feels – cool and refreshing. The Centers For Disease Control & Prevention states that it is next to impossible to contract STDs from sitting on a public toilet seat. Though before you breath a sigh of relief and pop a naked squat like me, there are 3 types of diseases you still MIGHT (and by might I mean 99% no) contract.

Crabs: Genital lice that feed on blood in your private area. It’s the most contagious out of all the sexual diseases. You literally have a 90% of catching crabs just having sex one time with an infected person. Thankfully it's next to impossible to contract it on the toilet seat. That's 'cause the little buggers die when they’re away from the body for 24 hours.

Scabies: Sounds nasty, doesn’t it? These are microscopic mites that cause the skin to be irritated and itch like mad. You usually get it through serious skin-to skin action. Technically you could catch these guys from shaking hands or hugging…nude. However, similar to Crabs they have a tough time surviving on their own. Though they can live a bit longer – up to 36 hours.

Herpes: The worst of them all. The one that stays with you forever. We’re talking skin and genital blisters, ulcers – a literal buffet of bad stuff. The good news is this STD is the weakest of them all outside the body.

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