Tuesday, October 13, 2009


When I was a kid I loved, loved, loved those Mickey Mouse ice cream pops. Those were the chocolate covered vanilla ice-cream pops made in the classic shape of Mickey (ears and all). Now, I understand full well that times have changed. Technology has improved in all industries, including food services. I just think food is food, and drawing is drawing. The two are a bit freaky when mixed. Case in point – the Limited Edition Star Trek Eggo Waffles. Like I said, I’m totally cool with the waffle sorta looking like the shape of character and maybe have a crude design. I just think having an accurately rendered Star Trek logo, Captain Kirk & Spock and a Romulus baddie, doesn’t look like it should be edible. Though I’m sure whatever polysorbate-ish inks and dyes they used have been tested in labs, and goes just fine syrup. And so far most net-reports have come in saying the waffles don’t taste any different.  To me, it just seems wrong to be able to bite into Sylar (with a bowl cut).

One positive vote to boldly go in this breakfast direction...

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