Wednesday, October 7, 2009


by Joshen McEwen (NWM Staff Writer)

The 1933 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle is the most expensive coin in the world. It’s worth about 7.5 million. Here is a little back-story, about half a million of these coins were made and never released. Then during the great depression President Roosevelt ordered the destruction of these coins and all other gold currency, not deemed collectible. Why? Well during this time he wanted to stop the hoarding of gold, we had to keep currency flowing. Long story short some guy stole a bunch from the mint. From then on the Secret Service have been on a quest to retrieve them. A few have turned up, and when the un-suspecting lucky Americans step forward to authenticate the coins and prepare for a major pay day SURPRISE – The Secret Service, confiscates them. Only one of these coins was legal to own. It belonged to a King of Egypt, and made it’s way back to New York, but darn it the Secret service got that one too. I thought that I had once found a Double Eagle coin in Brooklyn turns out it was chocolate. Though something tells me there is one is this city, maybe. You might be the lucky one to spot a gold coin glistening in your favorite Park Fountain or just laying in the grass of Central Park. And if it happens to be the 1933 Double Gold Eagle, heed my warning. The last place you want to call would be the Mint. Head to the coin black market, the bidding starts at 7.5 million. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

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  1. It wasn't a 1933 double gold eagle, but I won a American Eagle Gold Coin for playing an internet game show from AOL that was directed by Mark Burnett.... It was all about pop culture.... I ended up being the 4th fastest person to answer the questions, and they flew me out to New York for three days to be an alternate on the show.

    I came so close to meeting K-Fed, Dee Snider, and Donald Trump and being on the Today Show.

    And if I would have been put on the show, I know I would have won the $100,000 prize.... I was soooo close. At least I got $650 for selling the coin.

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