Wednesday, October 7, 2009


For those who’ve never watched this X-files meets Lost spectacular, I’m referring to the actual names of cities and places displayed in every establishing shot. Fringe treats this type almost like a physical essence that invades the scene. Sorta similar to how Heroes does it with their chapter titles. Only the Fringe folks use bold type, combined with a freaky perspective and Spielberg-esque camera movement. The result, a truly ominous effect. Definitely adds to the eeriness of the show. So where did this larger than life communcation art begin? When it comes to special effects, the nod almost always goes to movies. They’ve got the big edit room budgets to explore cool stuff. In this case it was the movie – Panic Room. The fast paced, action thriller starring Jodie Foster, Forest Whitaker and a then unknown Kristen Stewart. Filmmaker David Fincher (and a team of designers) created that style of type treatment for the opening credits. The carefully choreographed title placement, synced with a powerful music score transformed a seemingly simple New York visual montage into a mesmorizing work of art. See for yourself.

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