Sunday, October 4, 2009


by Eddie Winkle (NWM Staff Writer)

October is here, which means one thing will be on all of our minds. Time to figure out what we are going to dress our dogs as for Halloween. 2008 I totally spaced, and at the last second I was scrambling trying to find a costume for my Shih Tzu – Prince William the 4th. I wound up dressing him up as fuzzy dice. Not the best Kodak moment I assure you. This year I’m ordering early. One site I found to have the best in doggie disguises is Some of their top costumes are Zorro, Superman, Spider-Man, Elvis, Batman, Buzz Lightyear, Scooby-doo and Yoda. My personal fave is Bumble Bee doggie. The prices are also reasonable (average costume is under 10 bucks.) Plus, they even have speedy delivery, which is perfect for us habitual procrastinators. Click here to check out the Costume Craze catalog.

Costume ideas from Puppy Paper...

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