Sunday, October 11, 2009


I’ve seen the scenario a million times. Boy meets girl. Boy starts dating girl. Boy and girl start to get serious. Boy gets invited to a Halloween party. Boy and girl decide to dress up as pimp and ho. There’s something magical about this costume duet that seems to rekindle the initial 1st date fires. It also offers you a good shot at winning any costume contest. If you feel your relationship might be taking this natural course head to They literally have anything a fly papa and a naughty mama could want.

  • Pimp and ho platform shoes
  • Pimpstress dresses (of the shiny material kind)
  • Afros and wigs
  • Pimp Goblets
  • Pimp N Ho the board game
  • And off course bling & pimp canes

If you’re going to talk the talk and walk the walk, these fine ass clothes don’t come cheap. Expect to pay around a couple of Benjamins for the outfits (pimp or ho), and anywhere from 30 to 60 bucks for accessories. And just in case, has pimp N ho sizing charts and even pimp-ology info.


"Pimp-in ain’t easy... so keep your Ho’s sleazy and you know they'll keep your fingers greasy."

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