Monday, October 5, 2009


I have a very, very, old laptop. It’s an iBook G4. I got it in 2005. To non-mac users that doesn’t seem so long. To you G5ers (rich with Snow Leopard and 2 plus GHZ of power), you know I pretty much have a glorified Speak and Spell. Just booting up Safari takes 4 %$##%#$ times! And I can forget about running 2 apps at once. It’s as frustrating as the four letter word of your choice. There are times I want to smash my pseudo computer into teeny tiny little pieces. It’d feel sooo good. Of course, not having the money to replace would make me feel a bit more sucky later. So instead, I do the angry stare, curse out loud and bang the RETURN key a zillion times –praying to the God of Power PC chips that something will work. Now if I lived out on in San Diego I wouldn’t have this problem. Well, I’d still have my crappy computer, but there’d also be Sarah’s Smash Shack. The place you can literally go with friends (or not), to work out your aggressions by breaking stuff. Sarah Lavely’s (the owner) inspiration came during a low point in her life. At the time, all Sarah wanted to do was go some place and kick the crap out of stuff. Soon after she founded that place – Sarah’s Smash Shack. A spacious area designed with different SMASH rooms to accommodate varied sized groups. You can even bring your iPod, to play music while having a playful little conniption fit among friends. And for those who love an audience, there’s even a VIP room where people can watch.

Here are Sarah's prices for pounding stuff:

  • Smash House Special – 10 plates ($35).
  • Mystery Box – 10 mixed goodies to grab, throw and destroy ($29).
  • The Mystery Revealed – you choose the 10 items ($35).
  • 30 Piece Set – The whole dinner set shebang: plates, saucers, cups...everything ($75).

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