Saturday, October 3, 2009


In my day, you needed to buy the drink (beer or Zima) to get the girl. Now you simply order Yxaiio drink and the girls will flock to you. Still not totally clear if has an ingredient that prevents your buddy from CBing you. But what it does have is a generous supply of male and female pheromones. The chemical-du jour that triggers attraction messages in the brain. More specifically it affects the hypothalamus area, otherwise know as the nervous center switchboard. So how do you jumpstart your night of uninhibited pleasures? All you need to do is drink and inhale a can of Yxaiio with an unsuspecting soul. Supposedly it works as you drink. Oh, and alcohol speeds up the process. Cost for this magic aphrodisiac? 70 bucks for a 24pack. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any testimony from Yxaiio drinkers. However, the site does include 10 things you should know about Yxaiio pheromones®. Not sure if 6-9 are marketing ploys.

  1. Yxaiio pheromones® is the first aphrodisiac drink
  2. Pheromones are messengers of sexual attraction
  3. Yxaiio pheromones® stimulates all your senses
  4. Yxaiio pheromones® goes straight to your brain
  5. Yxaiio pheromones® is not an energy drink
  6. Yxaiio pheromones® may be addictive
  7. Yxaiio pheromones® is only for people over the age of 18
  8. Watch out: alcohol intensifies the effect of Yxaiio pheromones®
  9. Max. 3 cans of Yxaiio pheromones® per day
  10. It's hot, alright!

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