Saturday, November 14, 2009


by Greg Colfaz (NWM Staff Writer)

Hey from Cottonwood, Idaho. Back in the day I remember the only two ways two get suspended from school were to pull the fire alarm or fight. Post 2000 there’s a buffet of bad stuff youngsters can do.

(2000) Casting Spells.

A 15 yr. old Oklahoma student was expelled for 15 days as a result of casting a spell that supposedly caused her teacher to become sick.

(2001) Wear an Insane Clown Posse t-shirt.

In Westview High school a senior refused to remove his ICP shirt and was given a 1 day suspension by then principal Stan Shopa.

(2006) Lack of religious beliefs.

Student was expelled for 4 days from an art school in Portland for (jokingly) trying to enforce his atheist views on other students.

(2009) Stab a fellow student with a writing implement.

A Plainfield 6th grader jabbed a pencil into a fellow student and was awarded a suspension that lasted the entire year.

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