Monday, November 23, 2009


by Biz-Boy (NWM Staff Writer)

Heard about this game from a friend of mine who played football for a division 2 college. Apparently the whole team would compete in this grueling challenge every night in the dorm bathroom (to the delight of the university cleaning staff).

AERIAL SH*TS (The Game):

Number of Players: Depends on how many stalls.

Equipment: Planks of wood.

Before you begin: Lay the planks of wood above all the stalls (make sure they are strong enough to support all participants). To prevent undue staining, all players must remove pants and be dressed in only boxers or tight whities in order to compete.


Before the game begins determine the amount of time for each AS round.

1 score keeper needs to be assigned to each stall.

Each stall should have one player sitting on the plank(s).

Once the game officially starts each player needs to take as many sh*ts as they can.

The goal is to aim your poop in the bowl to score the following points...

  • 3 points if you make it in.
  • 2 points if it hits the rim and goes in.
  • 1 point if it hits the rim and goes on the floor.
  • 0 points if it misses the bowl entirely.

The round ends once time is up.

Person with the most points wins. 

Setup Diagram:

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