Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I think in my life so far I’ve been presented with only 2 petitions that I actually felt moved enough to sign. Something about getting rid of something in a local park near me, and the one to bring back Jericho for another season. If you haven’t experienced the joy of finding such a meaningful petition, check out Petitiononline for these 4 and more.

To:  General Mills
An outrage has occurred. Little did anyone realize, that in 2001 the General Mills company ceased to make anymore squeeze-its. If we simply get enough support, then the glorious fruit drink will be brought back to the store shelves, where they belong. Then once again-- peace will be brought to the world and tastiness to our mouths. Bombard the General Mills consumer email with many furious emails saying you want the ultimate fun drink back. Smarty Arty will thank you. 

"Bring back the Fruity Squeeze-it Beverage-- Do it now, we need your leverage!!" 

FYI: if you don't recall, the Squeeze-it Fruit drink was a delightfully packaged themed drink. Cartoon faces with witty names were molded onto the squeezable containers. soft plastic was delicate to the lips of the consumer. So much fun was to be had every time you took a sip. Different flavors, and different characters made drinking this exciting thirst quenching wonder an object of true beauty.

To:  Jesse Metcalfe Fans!!!!
ATTENTION All You Jesse Metcalfe Fans!!!!! I heard rumors saying that Jesse Metcalfe might be written out of the show & I am NOT going to let that happen!!!!!!!! We are going to do everything we can to keep him on the show by signing this petition!

To:  Warner Bros. Pictures
Sign this petition to request that a Beetlejucie Special Edition DVD be made to include behind the scenes documentaries, interviews with the cast and crew, and commentaries by Tim Burton, Micheal Keaton, and Danny Elfman. 

By signing this you are saying you will spend precious cash for this DVD.

To:  Nestle
We, The Undersigned, want to see the return of the BLUE SMARTIE!!!!! Nestle, read and digest, we will not rest until the blueness is reinstated!

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