Wednesday, November 25, 2009


by Joshen McEwen (NWM Staff Writer)

The only unsolved plane hijacking in United States history has been attributed to a man named D. Cooper or as he is now known as (due to a communication error), D.B. Cooper. On November 24th, 1971 Mr. Cooper held a Boeing plane’s passengers hostage for a ransom of $200,000. He then collected the ransom, released the passengers and proceeded to have the plane take off again. Once in the air D.B. parachuted out of the plane from the rear stairs, never to be seen again. Over the years some of the money from his ransom has been found. However, the FBI is still claiming that D.B. didn’t survive the jump. Yet they still continue to look for him. Hmmm. This mastermind has taught us all a valuable lesson. Before committing a MASSIVE CRIME, always use a cool “easy-to-pronounce” code name. If he planned it right he could have been remembered as the Blue Falcon, Jaguar, or The Moonlight Knight, instead of plain ol' D(B) Cooper. One to grow on, I guess.

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