Thursday, November 19, 2009


by Barry S. (NWM Staff Writer)

Nowadays I use AOL Instant Messenger a lot.  At my age you don't want to sit around waiting for an answer.  The quicker the better.  Lately though I've noticed that it's taking a long time for my instant messages to go through.  Sometimes as long as a few hours.  Now once and a while I could understand some delay--web traffic, system maintenance, glitches all work to delay things.  But  hours?  And AOL  doesn't even acknowledge the delay.  Putting a message out saying sorry for the delay would be nice, but not even that.  So now I propose a two definitions for the word instant: the usual one and AOL "take a break-and head to the crapper-this is gonna take a while" messenger. I think the latter is kinda catchy.

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