Wednesday, November 25, 2009


In this economy having just one job doesn’t seem to cut it money-wise. To earn extra cash some people are even resorting to taking on another night or weekend gig. Of course instead of working nonstop you could take just a couple of hours and seek out one of the many metallic, hidden treasure troves right in your neighborhood. The trash dumpsters. Though before taking your very first sanitation-swim you might want to keep these treasure-hunting tips in mind.

[courtesy of eHow]

Tip 1. Know local laws. Some areas outlaw D-diving all together. You can probably find out the types of penalties (if caught) on the internet.

Tip 2. Use the buddy system. Bring a partner in case you get hurt diving into glass or rusty metal.

Tip 3. Dress appropriate. Wear work gloves, a long sleeve shirt and durable pants.

Tip 4. Location!, Location! Obviously a dumpster by a ritzy department store or luxury apartment complex will have way better stuff than near an old donut shop.

Tip 5. Assign roles. One person can dive into the dumpster and hand off the stuff to the partner who can see if the object is worth anything.

Tip 6. Diving Times. Best to do it early morning. The trash will be dumped from the night before and you won’t be interrupted. Just be quiet to avoid alerting other treasure seekers or the fuzz (police).

Tip 7. Types of treasure. The best finds are stuffed animals, toys, shoes, coats, dresses, jeans, art, pictures, furniture and appliances. Food and electronics are always iffy.

Tip 8. Post dumpster diving. Bring everything home and then clean off right away. Craigslist all the stuff that’s worth something and discard all the damaged stuff for the next seeker.

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