Sunday, November 15, 2009


Unfortunately, the downward spiral of the economy has continued to push an ever-increasing number people out of their longtime professions. As a result, more and more “later in life” peeps surprisingly find themselves in job searching mode. Forcing them to either keep looking for another job in their dwindling profession or try something entirely different. Quite a bit are now choosing the latter. Which is probably one of the big reasons trade schools are beginning to prosper. The tuition is affordable and it won’t take you long to learn to work in one of these exciting fields...

PRIVATE INVESTIGATION SCHOOL (Average Tuition – $2500.00)

In this 6 to 30 day course you will learn to…

  • Gather facts and collect evidence.
  • Conduct interviews
  • Observe, stakeout and tail properly.
  • Examine key data.
  • Participate in raids.

BARTENDER SCHOOL (Average Tuition – $400 - $600)

In this 2 week to 30 day course you will learn to…

  • Set up a bar.
  • Mix drinks.
  • Properly run a bar at a party.
  • Deal with patrons.
  • Understand the properties of spirits.

TRUCK DRIVER SCHOOL (Average Tuition – $3000- $4000)

In this 3 to 4 week course you will learn to…

  • Drive a big rig.
  • Maintain and repair trucks.
  • Handle a truck off-road.
  • Pack and load trucks properly.
  • Inspect all types of trucks.

GUN REPAIR SCHOOL (Average Tuition – $200 - $1000)

In this 4 to 6 week course you will learn to…

  • Repair all types of firearms.
  • Reload ammunition.
  • Clean and maintain rifles and shotguns.
  • Test firearms properly.
  • Mount gun scopes and other accessories.

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