Sunday, November 15, 2009


by Nameless Dad (NWM Staff Writer)

I usually take to the forums when I’m looking for honest opinions about movies, games and porn. When it comes to medical advice, it’s probably best to be more cautious. Case in point, my wife just got a deep cut while washing a food processor blade. We were wondering how to stop it from bleeding and this is the advice (word for word) from internet forums we found…

Crazy as it sounds, Krazy glue works great, hockey players use it and they are back on the ice for the next shift.

Loosely bandage the area, just to help keep debris out, avoid cotton wool if you can. it will stick to the area. Non stick pads if you have them. Maxi pads or diapers if you dont- those are clean and safe to use as bandages and wont stick.

All you have to do is put a pinch of cayenne pepper in your cut or whatever is bleeding and it will stop almost immediately

I have the ultimate remedy in stopping bleeding.. My neighbor is from Guatemala. She's a very elderly lady. Her husband is a bleeder. It doesn’t take much to get him bleeding. She cuts a piece of his hair, burns it with a lighter, then places it on the bleeding area holding it with her fingers. Bleeding stops almost immediately.

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