Sunday, November 29, 2009


They are the supporting cast in the sports announcer world – the sideline reporters. Individuals blessed with the responsibility of updating us about an on-field injury, the bench climate, and any controversial calls. They are the ones that scramble across the field through a sea of bodies just to grab a perfect sound-byte from the coach or player before they enter the locker-room. Here are the fab five that've scored big points in talent and hotness.

PAM OLIVER: A vet of the sidelines. Started her career in Albany, Georgia in 1985 as a news reporter. In 1995 she was called up by FOX for the big games and has never looked back. In 2005 Pam also added the NBA to her sport sideline roster.

ALEX FLANAGAN: She’s been a sideline roamer for almost all the sports networks (NFL, NBC, FOX, ESPN). Her career highlight came in 2008 when she was chosen for sidelines duties for Super Bowl XLIII. Other than the NFL Alex has been a reporter for tennis, college football and the Olympics.

LINDSAY SOTO: Graduated from USC in ’98 and interned at Fox Sports. Before being drafted by the NFL network Lindsay served as a reporter for USC/UCLA games for FSN Prime Ticket.

MELISSA STARK: This foreign affairs graduate served in the sideline trenches for 3 years for ABC’s Monday Night Football in the early 2000s. Currently Melissa has jumped to the peacock network doing reporting for NBC’s The Today Show and MSNBC.

LISA GUERRERO: This 17 yr. vet took over ABC MNF sideline duties post-Melissa in the ’03 season. From there Lisa ditched her cleats for a spot in entertainment reporting on Inside Edition. She also co-hosted The World Series of Pop Culture for VH1, and most recently starred in the family film “A Plumm Summer.”

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