Friday, November 20, 2009


by Biz-Boy

There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting through a business meeting littered with marketing buzzword acronyms. Marketing professionals (such as myself) like to think we use them to save time, or to streamline operations. Though in actuality, I think they were created so people that don’t have some big degree or a series something license can feel important too. I should know, I’m part of this exclusive-ish club. In case you find yourself in one of these meetings (on a dare) here’s a cheat sheet as to what the %$#% we’re saying.

BOGO – buy one get one (used for coupon offers).

ETA estimate time of arrival (project urgency subtle hint).

OOP – Out of pocket (no billable job # so the company had to foot bill).

DM – Direct Mail (stuff that’s not email).

B2C/B2B – Business to Consumer / Business to Business (B2C agencies pay better).

WMA – Word of mouth advertising (for clients with no ad budget).

POS / POP – Point of Sale / Point of Purchase (store displays).

OOTBT – Out of the box thinking (used in project briefings to prepare you for a week of all-nighters).

CB – Circle Back (another project timing phrase boss-people use).

ROI – Return on investment (excuse to slash ad budgets).

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