Tuesday, October 6, 2009


by Eddie Winkle (NWN Staff Writer)

Yes, I cruise the fanfic sites from time to time. Not sure what kind of person that makes me. To be honest, it’s mostly done out of morbid curiosity. I like to see which shows people are still desperate to hang on to, and trying to recapture the magic in some way. Where’s the best place to trowel for such stories? Fanfiction.net hands down. They have like a zillion tales based on TV, movies, books, games – you name it. And yes, they do have a Felicity Fan Fiction site. Right now the section is holding its own with 38 stories. Some of my person faves are…

I Never Knew You by Unproper Grammar (Funny Noel moment)

The Roof by Chayah (slightly steamy)

Loving You by simbagirl (classic Felicity and Ben)

Excerpt from I NEVER KNEW YOU (close your eyes and you'll swear you're watching it once again on the WB):

When it came down to it, Felicity picked Ben. She loved Ben, she protested. She had told Noel once that no matter what she did, no matter which way she looked at it; she was meant to be with Ben. Noel disagreed completely, but who was he to say otherwise? She hadn’t wanted him. So to say that even after all these years, Noel still hated Ben Covington was a bit of an understatement. Sure it was petty and childish, but it was how he felt and he was never one to deny his feelings. But even so, his throat was still closing up and he needed medical attention and. goddamn it, he was going to kill Meghan when he was through with this.

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