Monday, November 2, 2009


If your team makes it to the big game in October/ November it can be considered a blessing and a curse. Makes for good TV and horrible next mornings. That is if beers, friends and 25¢ wings are a part of the night as well. Now spry, young 20-somethings (that can bounce back with just a sip of caffeine) don’t really have an issue with booze-fueled sports watching. However, us 35 pluses, might need a little help in the “bright eyed and bushy tailed” department. So here are some hangover remedies I found in my e-searches that might do the trick…

Vitamin CGuzzle some OJ or slam down some tablets. C is known for breaking down lingering alcohol content in your system.

Go Bananas Blend a banana with a teaspoon of clear honey and milk. Helps settle the stomach and ups your depleted glucose levels.

The Japanese Method Umeboshi pickled plums have pyric acid, which supposedly cleans out the system of beer or sake. Not sure how you eat it. Sorry.

The 2 Blue Pack ­– My personal “Raging Hangover” cure choice. I drink a whole bottle of Gatorade Frost (or blue as I like to call it) followed by a Rice Krispies Treat chaser. All those Gatorade electrolytes does a hurting body good and the RK-treat handles all the glucose issues and then some.

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  1. Please note that there is a pit in the plum. Don't break a tooth while killing that hangover.

  2. This is actually incredibly useful advice man, I'd love to try the banana and honey method some time.


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