Thursday, November 12, 2009


Want to give that “mind over matter,” meditation thingy the ultimate test? Try a good old fashion firewalk. The standard set-up is between 10 to 20 ft. of fiery, hot coals. To prevent possible fires, a sandy beach is an optimum setting. Also helps that there’s a giant body of water nearby to cool off toasted feet. Here are some other useful tips to consider before your stroll through fire... 

Tip 1. Since firewalking Is done outdoors and preferably at chillier times, it might be best to bring a jacket or sweatshirt to wear after the walk.

Tip 2. Dress in shorts or wear pants that can be rolled up easily.

Tip 3. Prepare a peaceful mantra (filled with cool thoughts) before the walk. Make sure you practice it.

Tip 4. Bring along fellow mediator to help prepare and psyche you up for the walk.

Tip 5. Right before you do the walk take a deep breath, then focus on your mantra.

Tip 6. While walking, remember to step lightly, keep repeating the mantra out loud (or to yourself) and make sure your breathing remains consistent.

Tip 7. After completion dip feet in cold water. Rejoice or repeat.

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