Friday, November 6, 2009


by Greg Colfaz (NWM Staff Writer)

Hey from Cottonwood, Idaho. As opposed to the zillion card and dice games I’ve lost at (do to a case of zero luck), Beer Pong is one of the few drinking games I hold my own. Mostly ‘cause there’s skill involved. Granted it’s throwing balls at tiny plastic cups, so luck is still a pretty big part of the picture. However, if you follow these rules you can lower that “chance” factor by a significant amount.


Here's a quick overview of the game. On a ping-pong board set up 6 cups in a pyramid (3-2-1) on each side. Fill each cup halfway up with beer. Split up in to two teams of two. Now the game starts. Each teammate takes a turn and shoots one ping pong ball at the cups. You make it in a cup the other team drinks. The cup is then removed. The first team to eliminate all the cups of the other team, wins.


In the beginning, ALWAYS aim for the middle:

If you’re aim is off you have a better chance of sinking it in a nearby cup.

Follow through:

Think of it in terms of golf or tennis. If you have a fluid motion, your swing is way more consistent. Any jerky moves usually will cause a slice or the ball to sail off. Same rules apply to your BP shooting technique.

90 degree angle:

Some insist that your forearm to the elbow to the hand should form a right angle. It'll help you have a more accurate shot. I go either way.

Give it some arc:

A high floater has a much better percentage of connecting than a fast bullet of a shot.

After you’re a bunch of beers in, concentration is key:

Take a couple of seconds first to really aim for the cup. Your blurred instincts will tell you to just throw and hope for the best. Ignore it.

Mental games:

Getting in the head of the other team isn’t a bad thing. Screaming or yelling when they shoot is bad sportsmanship. Trading taunts before they shoot isn’t.

Keep a wash cup handy:

Have a cup of water on the side to wash the beer off your ball. Soak it for a couple of seconds (before you go) to give the ball some extra weight. It will help your shot.

***BONUS RULE*** Never underestimate the ladies:

Got my ass smoked by some hottie from North Idaho College in ’02.

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