Monday, November 2, 2009


by Eddie Winkle (NWM Staff Writer)

Around the corner from me exists a deli slash mini-market. This type of store-theme is usually pretty common in big city neighborhoods.  It's also pretty common (in these stores) to find products that are decades behind the times. Ones you thought were discontinued. Yet oddly enough all the expiration dates are current. One such retro-brand that has always peaked my curiosity (in this deli) has been the Dr. Brown's line of sodas – specifically the Cel-Ray flavor. Soda with the refreshing taste of celery? A quick Wiki revealed that to be true. In fact celery soda has been around since 1868. Originally it was marketed as some sort of cure-all tonic, but the FDA objected (couldn’t imagine why). Today, this Doc Brown brand is usually found in Kosher delis and has been referred to as Jewish Champagne. Three days ago I broke down and ordered one with my ham and swiss with mayo. To all Jews internally groaning, just imagine I had corned beef, tongue and mustard. Anyway, back to the tasting. One generous swig was all I needed to know that I was not going to be a lifelong fan of this beverage. Kinda reminded me of a watered down, peppery ginger ale. It also had a softer fizz than a Pepsi or a Coke. All in all a major meh experience. Next week I’ll give Jeff’s Strawberry Egg Cream soda a try and let you know. 

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