Monday, November 9, 2009


118 is the number I’ve managed to average out at after blogging for 3 months and change. I’m not some seasoned pro with a 10000 views per minute. So I won’t spew some hard-to-follow “viewer increasing” scheme. Or dispense the “100 blogger tips” that are painfully obvious. Be yourself. Be honest. Write what you know. Blah, blah, blah. The following are just tips I've picked up that simply work for me.

FYI…I use blogspot…if you couldn’t tell by the layout.

#1 – Get google analytics right way. Has lots of vital stats to help grow your blog like...

  • # of viewers
  • which posting has been read the most
  • time on site
  • return viewers
  • Where your viewers are from
  • What time of the day they view your postings
  • How they found your blog (google, yahoo, Digg, etc.)

#2 – Use google adsense. This will give google the ability to place ads on your blog. Most will tell you that this won't make you much money. And honestly, they’re right. I’ve made only $2.88 so far. I pretty much use google adsense for the Impression number tracking. That’s the stat that tells you how many times your ads are viewed. The reason why it’s so good is you get the stat quicker than any google analytics figures. So it’s a good measurement to tell you quickly if a post does well or not.

#3 – There’s no shame in submitting your own ads. If you’re waiting around for a kind-hearted viewer to do it for you, you’ll be waiting a while. The social networks I like to submit my postings to are Digg, yahoo buzz, stumbleupon, reddit, fark and faves. To make life easy for you, place an add this button on your blog. It houses all of the social networks.

#4 – You can use Facebook, but understand the consequences. I call my Facebook views my grandma votes. That’s ‘cause all the views I get from submitting to Facebook are from friends and family. People who are forced to love everything I do ‘cause they’re related to me or have known me since high school. Makes it hard to gage if people like your blog or are just being polite.

#5 – Craigslist works…sorta. If you’re looking to gain lots of viewers VERY quickly, Craigslist is your best bet. The ultimate plan for my blog is to have other writers submit content. So I’ve been taking out ads on Craigslist in the “Writing gigs” section. It’s totally free. Just be careful in how you post and when you post. Craigslist tends to be flag happy. Meaning, your ad could be removed depending on how you word it or if you post too much. It’s happened to me a bunch of times. All you do is reword the rejected ad and repost. Just remember that these viewers too are similar to the kind you get from Facebook. They’re looking for a purpose. However, (unlike Facebook) 1 or 2 good things could happen.

  1. They see your site and become a regular viewer
  2. They start writing for you and bring on their own set of viewers.

#6 – Number of posts. In the beginning I really wanted to build an arsenal of articles. So I was doing 7 posts a day. Some were long, but most were short. Now I do between 5 and 7. Whatever number you land on make sure your consistent and post daily.

#7 – When to post your posts. I usually try to keep 'em 1 – 2 hrs apart. First post I try to do by 10:30am. Last post for me is 9:45pm. Viewer numbers don’t usually show up for that day if I post any later.

#8 – Looking for stuff to write about? Google trends. Displays the "most searched" topics from the google search engine. It's also updated multiple times during the day.

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