Monday, November 9, 2009


In case you find yourself at a mortuary mixer, here are some terms you might find useful.

CASKET RACK - A device which allows caskets to be placed one on top of the other for display purposes.

CENOTAPH - An empty tomb or monument erected in memory or a person buried elsewhere.

DISINTER - To remove the remains from the burial place; to dig up.

INTER - To bury a dead body in the earth in a grave or tomb.

INURNMENT - The placing of the ashes of one cremated in an urn.

NICHE - A hollowed space in a wall made especially (in this connotation) for placing of urns containing cremated remains.

PURGE - A discharge from the deceased through the mouth, nose and ears of matter from the stomach and intestine caused by improper or ineffectual embalming, due to putrefaction.

SLUMBER ROOM - A room equipped with, besides the usual furniture, a bed upon which the deceased is placed prior to casketing on the day of the funeral. The body, appropriately dressed, lies in state on the bed.


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