Friday, November 13, 2009


Mr. Friday the 13th (Jason) was anything but predictable when it came to killing time. Here is pretty much every conceivable weapon he used in all the films (definitely gets points for creativity).

Ice pick, barbed wire, hammer claw, machete, knife, spear, meat cleaver, knitting needle, pitchfork, fuse box, fireplace poker, wrench, surgical hacksaw, scalpel, corkscrew, axe, garden harrow, tree branch, broken bottle, RV, hunting knife, dart, bare hands, tent spike, sleeping bag, scythe, party horn, butcher knife, window, tree-trimming saw, spear gun, electric guitar, hot sauna rock, mirror shard, harpoon, control panel, deck post, syringe, steam pipe, barrel of sewage, Jason’s heart, autopsy probe, pencil, finger, straight razor, barbed wire, car door, knife sharpening pole, barbecue skewer, chain, noose pole, metal door, liquid nitrogen, mining drill, claw hook, shelf bracket, glove, arrow, deer antlers.

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  1. When did he use liquid nitrogen? What that in the lousy remake?


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