Sunday, November 8, 2009


December 4th is the date! Mark it on your calendars. That’s when the AVN (Adult Video News) awards come out with the list of nominees. The actual award show is January 9th, 2009. On the site you can find a complete list of award categories. Though here are some of the bigger awards the industry will be paying attention to...

Best All-Sex Release - Movie with no pretense of plot, based on the sexual heat with attention to production value as well.

Best Anal Sex Scene - Sex scene with two or more performers (at least one man and one woman) where the sex is predominantly anal.

Best Big Bust Release - Features and markets big breasts.

Best Big Butt Release - Feature or vignettes marketing big-butt women.

Best Double Penetration Sex Scene- Sex scene involving female having vagina and ass penetrated simultaneously.

Best Fem-Dom Strap-on Release - Production where 75% of the sex scenes involve a female wearing astrap-on penetrating a man's anus.

Best New Starlet - New female performer who has had the most impact during the eligibility period (sex, acting and marketability all factored in).

Best Non-Sex Performance - Best acting performance by a male or female that does not include sex but could include nudity.

Best Tease Performance - Best use of non-sex seduction by a female performer.

Best Threeway Sex Scene - Sex scene involving three performers (at least one man and one woman).

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